Wuxtry Records Throwing 40th Birthday Blowout in Athens

Wuxtry Records Throwing 40th Birthday Blowout in Athens

Wuxtry Records will celebrate the recent 40th anniversary of the opening of its original Athens location with a rock ‘n’ roll blowout at popular Classic City drinking hole Little Kings Shuffle Club on Saturday, September 24th. Best of all, the shindig is free and open to the public!

As you might expect, there will be live music, and since it sometimes seems as though someone from nearly every Athens band has to work at Wuxtry at some point, yes, the bands playing the party all boast former or current employees. Headlining are long-lasting garage stompers The Woggles (featuring former Wuxtry workers Manfred Jones, Jeff Walls and Patrick Hagstrom), with an opening set from relative newcomers Nate & the Nightmares, with current Wuxtry employee Nate Mitchell as frontman. Mitchell will also be DJing throughout the evening.

Early arrivals can enjoy author Rodger Brown, who will speak at 8 p.m. about the early days of the Athens music scene. Brown’s book, 1991’s Party Out of Bounds, will soon be getting an expanded 25th anniversary reprinting courtesy of the University of Georgia Press.

Doors open at 7 p.m., and beer will be provided by local brewmasters Terrapin Beer Company. Could it get any better? Nope.

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