Washed Out in Moog Sound Lab

In Season 3 of Moog Sound Lab, Ernest Greene, the native Georgian better known as Washed Out, transforms his song “Far Away.” The original song, from the 2011 album, Within and Without, features strings, bells and vibes, but here, Greene reimagines the song over layers of Moog synths.

Here’s a breakdown directly from Moog Music:

Lead Vocalist & Keyboardist Ernest Greene performs with a Little Phatty analog synthesizer. The harpsichord-esque sound created was then synced to Ableton Live and arpeggiated, and filter sweeps are then applied throughout the song. ??Percussionist Cameron Gardner utilizes the Trap-Kat MIDI controller to trigger 3 Rack Mounted Minimoog Voyagers, which combined, create the kick, snare, and hi-hat patches.?? Bassist Chris Gardner forgoes his bass guitar and carries the bottom end with a single Minitaur analog bass synthesizer.?? Keyboardist and Vocalist Blair Greene uses a Select Series Minimoog Voyager as a controller for Animoog, Moog’s iPad based Anisotropic synthesizer to recreate the song’s pads.

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