Visit the Atlanta Hotspots Highlighted in ‘Music Voyager’

The international music and travel showcases music, nightlife, food and fashion

PBS’s “Music Voyager” took to the streets of Atlanta to find out what makes the city tick and uncovered a creative, passionate community of musicians, chefs and entrepreneurs. “Music Voyager” host Tacuma Bradley explores the Atlanta that insiders call home from music and nightlife to fashion and food. Musicians Killer Mike, Kristian Bush and Ruby Velle, along with Chef Ron Eyester, are just a few of the locals who introduce Bradley to their version of Atlanta, each showing a different and exciting side of the city.

Wish you could visit some of the spots featured in Music Voyager? The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau has made it easy with its Music Voyager itinerary – click here for a list of all the guide to the fun and funky Atlanta neighborhoods, restaurants, nightlife venues and other hot spots featured in the episode.

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