Ruby the RabbitFoot Invites You To Her Divorce Party

Ruby the RabbitFoot Invites You To Her Divorce Party

Ruby the RabbitFoot is throwing a Divorce Party. At least, that’s the title of her forthcoming album, due out August 12th on Normaltown Records.

Inspired by personal heartbreak, the album finds Georgia-born Ruby Kendrick engaged in a thicker stew of sounds informed by pop music and hip-hop. “I’m a songwriter first and foremost, and I think in the past it’s been my nature to pick up the guitar,” she says. “But I love pop music, rap and R&B. So I had a heavier hand and vision in the style I wanted this time.” Divorce Party was produced by longtime Athens musician and studio hound Andy LeMaster, whom Kendrick says “has the same love of pop music, and is fearless… [I] learned so much from working with Andy.

“I want this to be a soundtrack for anyone going through a transition,” Ruby says of Divorce Party. “Even though there’s this connotation of disruption and heartbreak, divorce parties have a celebratory energy. Every person that we love teaches us, so when it’s time to part ways I think it’s beautiful to appreciate everything we’ve gained from the experience. I wrote these songs in a period of separation from a love. I want to release them into the world as a celebration of all that I learned during that time.”

Ruby the RabbitFoot will play at the EARL in Atlanta the night of the album’s release, and at the Georgia Theatre in Athens the following night.

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