Rapper Behind Ben Carson Campaign Ad is From Savannah

Rapper Behind Ben Carson Campaign Ad is From Savannah

The rapper behind a new radio campaign ad for Ben Carson’s presidential run is a black Christian conservative from Savannah named Rob Donaldson, but who records rap music under the title Aspiring Mogul.

Donaldson, whose 2014 song “Black Republican” was inspired by watching Cuba Gooding, Jr. portray Carson in the film Gifted Hands, has been receiving plenty of media attention in the past week from outlets who clearly find it fascinating and controversial that a black rapper from the South would deviate so sharply from the commonly accepted rap industry norm in his viewpoints. “When people meet me, I walk in with Air Jordans and I don’t live in those stereotypes of what a Republican should look like,” Donaldson told Esquire. “I don’t find it strange at all, but other people find me an enigma.”

The advertisement, which is airing on stations in Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, Houston, Miami and several other cities, features some rapping from Aspiring Mogul mixed with soundbites from Carson speeches; a full four-minute version titled “Ben Carson 2016” will be released on iTunes later this month.

Donaldson, a youth minister at the Savannah Christian Church and a chairman of the Savannah Black Republican Council, also told Esquire that he is currently working on an album he is considering calling Republican Music.

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