Frank Hamilton Opening Folk Music School in Atlanta

Frank Hamilton Opening Folk Music School in Atlanta


Folk musician Frank Hamilton, who counts a brief stint with the post-Pete Seeger Weavers in the early ‘60s among his achievements, is starting a music school in Atlanta. Set to open this fall in partnership with Atlanta musician Bob Bakert, the Frank Hamilton Folk School will be located in the Epworth United Methodist Church on McLendon Avenue in the city’s Candler Park neighborhood, and will offer classes on how to play guitar, banjo and fiddle.

In 1957, Hamilton co-founded the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, offering similar guidance. Though the original building no longer stands, the school has grown and continues to this day, with enrollment of upwards of 6,000 students each week. The Atlanta school, while significantly smaller, will still use Hamilton’s favored communal-style education approach.

“Teachers have to become students if they are going to be effective teachers,” current Atlanta resident Hamilton emphasizes. “Education is an exploratory event. Both teachers and students are exploring new ways of doing things. In the case of the school, the teacher becomes more of a facilitator. They don’t call the shots all the time. They don’t have to because lot of times, these student will teach themselves.”

With weekly evening classes beginning on Tuesday, October 6th, interested parties can register and get more information at

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