Five Eight Records Katrina Song with Patterson Hood, John Neff

Five Eight Records Katrina Song with Patterson Hood, John Neff

Athens band Five Eight have collaborated with Drive-By Truckers vocalist Patterson Hood and pedal steel guitarist John Neff on a new track titled “The Flood,” written about Hurricane Katrina, which they released digitally ten years after the powerful storm devastated New Orleans and the surrounding gulf coast.

Written by Five Eight’s Mike Mantione and guitarist Sean Dunn, the song has personal connections as Dunn’s family is from New Orleans, and after Katrina he spent three weeks trying to find his missing brother, while at the same time fighting his own heroin addiction. His brother was eventually located safely, and ten years later, both are clean and sober.

Mantione adds that “the lyrics in the song are from [the point of view of] children who witnessed the destruction because they were stuck in the city. They noticed things at face value and much of what they saw is strangely free from a feeling of loss. The loss itself becomes the sublime joy of living through it.

“I brought Patterson Hood in to sing with me on ’The Flood’ as a duet. I have never done anything like that before. I knew his voice would ring true – but I was thinking he would just sing back up. He came into the studio having never heard the song before and sang it like I wished I could. So I just re-sang everything to his lead.”

Stream or purchase ‘The Flood” here.

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