Deerhunter Pleases Fans and Critics with Seventh Studio Album

Bradford Cox and Lockett Pundt duet for the first time on 'Breaker.'

Fans of Atlanta-based Deerhunter are praising the new album, Fading Frontier, with one online description calling it “Fluffy flows of kaleidoscopic consciousness in whimsy indie washes of reflectively introspective verses and softly soaring choruses.” Sheldon Pearce of Consequence of Sound says,“At nine songs and just over 36 minutes, Fading Frontier is a filler-free opus of experimental rock splendor that never lags and always intrigues.” In a first for the band, enigmatic frontman Bradford Cox and guitarist Lockett Pundt share lead vocals on the second single “Breaker.” Check out Russell Rockwell’s interview with Ben Allen III, Fading Frontier’s producer, here on Georgia Music.

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