Cracker’s “California Country Boy”

Athens' transplant David Lowery & his band pay tribute to their musical roots

Guitarist Johnny Hickman takes vocal duties on “California Country Boy,” a twangy Owens-and-Yoakum-influenced song from Cracker’s just-released double album Berkeley to Bakersfield. Hickman and singer David Lowery (who lives in Athens now and is married to Velena Vego, longtime booker at the 40 Watt) grew up in “non-traditional” California, areas where there were ranches, orchards, cowboys and country music. The video essay for “California Country Boy” features images by Brandon Jones. While the Bakersfield half of the album pays homage to the country sounds that influenced Hickman and Lowery, who founded the band in 1991 and had a huge hit in 1993 with “Low,” Berkley is a nod to the equally influential punk and garage rock of the Bay Area.


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