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CMT Hosts World Premiere of Kristian Bush’s Zombie-Filled “Trailer Hitch”

On Monday, Oct. 20, CMT presented the world premiere of “Trailer Hitch,” the first single from Kristian Bush’s upcoming solo album, Southern Gravity. Written with Tim Owens and Bush’s brother, Brandon, the song is one of 300 or so Bush has written in the past two years while his platinum-selling duo, Sugarland, is on hiatus. Bush told CMT, “That song starts in your hips. It makes you dance, but after a few listens, you realize it’s got something to tell you, too. The image in the chorus—I’ve never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch—is hilarious. Why do we collect so many things? We don’t need them…and we can’t take them with us when we go.”

Find out more about Kristian Bush, his career, his Atlanta-based music publishing and songwriting collective Songs of the Architect and more in Bret Love’s Georgia Music interview.

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