Athens Instrumentalists Maserati Releasing New Album Oct. 30th

Athens Instrumentalists Maserati Releasing New Album Oct. 30th

Athens-based psychedelic instrumental band Maserati will be releasing their new album, Rehumanizer, through the independent label Temporary Residence on October 30th.

The quartet recorded the album entirely at their own studio, producing all the tracks themselves, the first time they’ve not worked with an outside collaborator. Melding state-of-the-art technology with a musical mindset that combines Krautrock, classic rock and more electronic minded new wave, the group describes the new album as being “as much man as it is machine – a true alliance of the past and future.”

Premiering the track “Rehumanizer II,” Vice’s music website Noisy says it “combines their expert musicianship with sounds and pieces straight out of a Flock of Seagulls record. The result of the combination makes the music more than one specific genre. Even in its fun, it shows build up and tension, not giving way to cheesiness or nostalgia. Maserati can take nods from any time period and make it super compelling.”

Listen to “Rehumanizer II” here.

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