Amy Ray’s Got You in a Stranglehold, Baby

Amy Ray. Photo by Amy Porter

Amy Ray. Photo by Amy Porter

Put this in the “Things I Thought I’d Never Hear” file: Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls covering Ted Nugent!

Yes, you read that right. Back in the mid-1990s, backed by her friends in the now-defunct Atlanta-based instrumental rock band Dew, Ray sang lead on a recording of the Nuge’s classic rock staple “Stranglehold,” but it never saw the light of day… until now.

“Stranglehold” is now available on a newly released EP of previously unreleased rarities from Dew called I Feel Funny. Meanwhile, if you prefer their music without voices, Dew’s onetime guitarists Jeff Perkins and Ann Wood have released a new CD of experimental instrumental guitar compositions titled Keys to the Circus under the name PerkinsWood. They’re currently offering I Feel Funny as a free bonus for anyone purchasing the PerkinsWood CD though their website, The duo will also perform live at the Sentient Bean in Savannah on Saturday, Sept. 13th.

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